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Teach english in koreaTeaching English abroad is a relatively new phenomenon and one that not too many people know a great deal about. However, it can be an excellent way to broaden your horizons, learn a new culture and earn a great wage. It is possible to attain teaching jobs as an English speaker in many countries around the World but Korea is definitely one of the best choices. If you teach English in Korea you will be amongst the best paid in your profession and not only this but you will also be able to live extremely cheaply too. This can mean if you are careful with your money you could put yourself in a position to save a good amount of money each month and yet still live a very comfortable lifestyle at the same time.

Teaching jobs in Korea can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding. The large majority of the jobs that are available are teaching to young children so you will be giving them the opportunity to speak English as a second language and thus provide them with many more career choices for their future. Most individuals that take the jobs find a great deal of job satisfaction in their work, something that cannot be said of very many other professions.

Teach ESL in Korea

Many people who what to teach ESL Korea will often only plan to do it for 6 months to a year as a life experience and end up enjoying it so much that they stay in Korea and choose to continue a career in teaching. Once you have a good level of experience, you will have a plethora of options to teach anywhere in Korea and even the possibility of moving up the teaching hierarchy to further your career. The salary that you will receive even with the entry level jobs is very good but if you work hard and perform well over time then higher level jobs will undoubtedly come your way and these are extremely well paid.

English Teaching Jobs in Korea

As English is the primary language of business around the Globe everyone in Korea has a hunger to learn the language to help their career options for the future. Due to this fact the number of English teaching jobs in Korea is extremely high in comparison to other countries in Asia such as Thailand and Japan; this means attaining a position is much easier. The process of gaining these jobs is very straight forward too you can simply apply for them on-line and you will generally receive a response back within a few days. Most schools have a minimum requirement of a TEFL qualification but some may require you to have a University degree. It may cost you a little to obtain the relevant qualifications to get the job but it will be worth every penny once you begin teaching in Korea.


ESL in Korea

Teachers around the world tend to not receive great salaries for the amount of effort and hours that they put in. However, if you teach ESL in Korea the wage you will receive will always be of a good level, especially considering how cheap it is to live in Korea. The rent and the general cost of living are considerably cheaper than anywhere else in the West.

ESL in Korea

Most teaching jobs in Korea, if you are working full-time, will include free accommodation for you within your salary package, you will just have to pay for the utilities. This should not be a very large sum, even if you are located in the more expensive parts of Seoul utilities should not cost much more than $100 per month. The average salary for a good quality English teaching jobs in Korea is around $2000 per month so this leaves you with a large amount of dispensable income in a country where it costs very little to live. As with many of the countries around Asia it I generally cheaper to eat out in restaurants than it is to cook in your own home, this is a perk that is alluring to many people. Eating out constantly and having your rent paid for you are 2 of the main factors that make individuals choose to teach ESL Korea.


Teaching in Seoul

Teaching in SeoulTeaching English in Seoul or anywhere else in Korea is not only a great way to earn a good salary and save some money for your future but it is an opportunity for you to enjoy a life changing experience. Korean culture is very different to that of the West and as a teacher you will be at the centre of it. This gives you the chance to experience the way the locals live, something that you cannot do as a tourist.

Working abroad really can change your life and teaching English in Seoul is a great option if you have never worked abroad before. All of the stresses and strains of relocating are taken away from you as your accommodation and work visa will be taken care of by your employer so you are just left to enjoy the work and absorb the culture of this amazing country.



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